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Welcome to Choudhary Brothers Mills

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We are one of the leading, renowned and recognized Textile Group since 1992 with a vision to create goodwill and a brand image for our company.

Our stringent commitment to Global standards of Quality has seen us grow phenomenally over the last decade, to create a niche of our own, in the highly competitive world markets. Chaudhry Brothers Textile Mills has been the name of one of the most innovative and leading textile producers. Our technical perfection, quality standards and innovative impacts are unique. Chaudhry Brothers Textile Mills has become one of the leading symbols of quality products in the Open end Yarn industry. Behind all this success, Directors and their team have a complete vision in their mind to make their organization as one of the top ranked company.

CEO Message

We continue to strive to be a better Company today than what we were yesterday, for our clients, for the environment, and for our members, for it is with them that we have achieved what we have. It is with them that we will continue to surpass our past achievements.

(By Ch M Zulfiqar Ali)

Founder Chaudhary Brothers
Founder Chaudhary Brothers

Spinning in our Factory

Opening, Blending, Mixing and Cleaning

Mills select bale mixes with the properties needed to produce yarn for a specific end-use. The number of bales used by different mills in each mix ranges from 6 or 12 to over 50. Processing begins ...


The card is the most important machine in the yarn manufacturing process. It performs second- and final-level cleaning functions in an overwhelming majority of cotton textile mills. The card is com ...

Our Products

“Quality & Customer Satisfaction"
"Commited to Excellence”


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